The Hosers Inline Hockey Program

The “Hoser” name goes back to the very origins of roller hockey in San Diego County.  The name was originally chosen by a group of quad skate hockey players who played out of the original Skate San Diego rink in National City in the early 1980’s, several years before the advent of the inline hockey skate. The original San Diego Hosers were one of the leading quad hockey teams in the country.

When the inline hockey revolution began, the San Diego Hosers were the first competitive roller hockey team to make the transition from quad skates to inline skates and the club won five national championships using both kinds of skates. Moreover, the founder of the Hosers, Paul Chapey, was the founder of NARCh, the world’s most competitive inline hockey tournament series, and the Hosers were considered early pioneers of the inline hockey era.

American Inline Hockey League

Beginning in the winter of 2014, the Hoser organization entered a team in the American Inline Hockey League (AIHL), considered the country’s most competitive semi-pro inline hockey league. The Hosers first participated in the AIHL from 2006-2009 and after a five year hiatus they entered a team in the 2014 season under the “Voodoo” name.

The AIHL season begins in January and ends in April. Tryouts for the 2016 team will be held in November, 2014.  This is an open tryout anyone can attend. The season typically has only six game days over the course of four months and each game day will typically feature 3-4 games. We intend to field an upper team to compete in the “Elite” AIHL division and at least one lower team to compete in the “Minor” AIHL division.

Games are usually on Saturdays and the teams will typically practice once a week.

Tournament Teams

During the summer months, the Hosers will also enter major inline tournaments such as NARCh regionals, NARCh Finals and the Junior Olympics. Just in the last two years the Hoser pro team has won or placed 2nd at the most competitive tournaments in the West. Indeed, in July, 2014, the Hosers, won  Gold Medals in both the U21 Club Division and the U21 International Division. In 2015, the Hosers placed 2nd in the U23 division at the Jr. Olympics and its over-30 team placed 2nd at NARCh Finals.

Hoser tournament teams are selected by a committee of Skate San Diego staff and are typically based on the player’s performance on our AIHL team and/or his performance in our AAA Wednesday night elite league.

Currently, our tournament teams are all adult teams, but our goal is to eventually field Hoser tournament teams at the U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18 age levels. We will also field Over-35 teams at select tournaments.

AAA Wednesday Night Elite League

We highly encourage all AIHL and tournament players to participate in this league.  This is the most competitive hockey league in San Diego County and we believe it is the key to keeping our players very competitive. Games are always at either 8:30 or 9:30 PM and each season lasts 6-8 weeks. This league is offered year-round.

Hoser Staff

President/Coach: Joe Noris. Joe is a former NHL and WHA professional ice hockey player and coached the national inline team to three world championships. Joe also coached the Barracudas of the Roller Hockey International (RHI) professional roller hockey league and has been involved with roller hockey since the 1980’s. Joe is the owner of the Skate San Diego rink.

Manager/Coach: Steve Baldwin. Steve was a member of the original quad Hoser team and is a 40 year roller hockey player, manager and coach. He managed the DC Mad Dogs of the Major Roller Hockey League (MRHL), is a founder of the Mad Dogs inline youth program in Virginia (winning over 60 regional and national inline titles), and currently coaches the West Hills High Wolf Pack inline team, the winner of the 2013 CIF high school inline hockey championships.

Coach: Mike Robbins. Mike is a 35 year veteran of the roller hockey scene and was active in nationally ranked quad skate teams in the 1970’s and 80’s.

For More Info

The Hosers are always looking for experienced inline hockey players, coaches, and managers. We are also looking for sponsors to assist with the costs of the Hoser program.  To find out more about our program, please contact Steve Baldwin at 703-966-9058 or email him at