Welcome to the Hosers Web Site!

The Hosers are a legendary roller hockey club and is the oldest roller hockey club in the USA still in existence. It can trace its history back to the early 1980’s when it was a powerhouse in the quad-skate roller hockey world. They are also considered an historic team since they are credited by Wikipedia as being instrumental in transitioning roller hockey from an obscure quad skate- based sport to the inline-based sport, thereby revolutionizing the sport and making it a world-wide phenomenon.

The Hosers have won five national roller hockey championships and have placed over twenty players on the Team USA inline team. Five Hosers are in the Roller Sports Hall of Fame.  Thirty-Six Hosers have played professional ice hockey. Eight Hosers have been drafted by, or played in, the NHL. Four Hosers have played for various national ice hockey teams. Thirty-five Hosers have played professional inline hockey.

Our mission is to simply carry out the Hoser’s 30 year tradition of excellence and to give our players the best possible hockey experience. We strive to excel and we push our players to be the best athletes they can be.

We have a number of goals:

  • To compete in the nation’s leading semi-pro league, the American Inline Hockey League (AIHL), and to eventually win the AIHL championships.
  • To compete and be competitive at the highest levels at NARCh and the Jr. Olympics tournaments.
  • To create a travel inline youth program that will attract the best hockey players in San Diego County and win regional and national titles with teams in every age category
  • To use roller hockey as a tool to teach our players life lessons about hard work, dedication, and achieving one’s goals.
  • To prepare our players to play college and/or professional inline hockey or professional ice hockey.